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Garth Crooks this week said there were certain players at Old

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Designer Fake Bags If you can’t handle that then you are at the wrong club.”No Siberian tumble or Spanish court ruling could have cut Mourinho as deep.Because everyone with a smattering of knowledge about United knows it’s true.Garth Crooks this week said there were certain players at Old Trafford he doesn’t recognise, asking “What is Solskjaer feeding these boys?”Self belief and optimism is the answer. And it tastes a hell of a lot better than the diet of self doubt and pessimism they were served under Mourinho.Look at the link up between Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford for Sunday’s goal against Leicester.Solskjaer’s nine word response to Manchester United staff who call him ‘Boss’For four replica radley bags months under Mourinho this season, those two managed six goals and eight assists between them. Since Solskjaer made them central to his plans six weeks ago, they’ve scored 12 goals and seven assists.The longer these United players keep winning, the closer they come to writing their former manager’s epitaph as a big club manager Designer Fake Bags.

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