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He told me that, yes, it would probably feel a bit intrusive

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To describe it with the least amount of spoilers as I possibly can, from Epic of Remnant onward they switch to “Guda has All the Servants” in all story content, main story and events, and a lot of your partners in later story chapters like Astolfo and d or Robin, Mata Hari, Sanson, and Nezha, are all your servants that you summoned who live in Chaldea and have rayshifted into the newest singularity with you. Part 2 proper meanwhile tries to go in the middle of the two, and assumes that you have everybody Saint Graphs packed away in a trunk and can pop them out whenever they needed, but the hard times circumstances Chaldea has found itself in means that you can really summon them during the main story without a lot of work, and when you can summon them you can only pop out a few at a time, though this can change as the Chaldea gang gets a proper base. Events make up for this by either A.

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